9.12.15, Saturday

Reception: 12-5pm, following private ceremony

Stow Lake @ Golden Gate Park

Dress Code: Casual + Comfortable. Reception will be hosted indoor and outdoor, so be comfy! While it will be San Francisco "summer", bring layers for the unpredictable weather!

Save the Date

How to fold an origami boat:

Variation one

Variation two

Out of Towners

Thank you in advance for travelling all the way to Cali to celebrate the day with us!

Lodging near the venue is slim, but Airbnb offers many options vs. the hotel strip downtown! If you need some recommendations, please let us know!

Below are some of our favorite places to visit, eat and drink during your stay:


We don't need you to bring us gifts; your presence at the wedding is enough! If you really want to get us something, a contribution to our honeymoon fund would be awesome.

Here's how you get can get your gift to us:

  1. Hand deliver a check or cash to us at the wedding
  2. Free transfer via Paypal, Venmo, or whatever other electronic payment method you prefer: